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MARI/CCPO Seminar Series Fall 2015

Week Date Topic Documents
409/14/2015 Malcolm J Bowman, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Stony Brook University: Can we Continue to Live at the Edge of the Sea (with reference to future extreme events and climate change)? Bio, Abstract, presentation
509/21/2015 Patricia Yager, University of Georgia: Climate Change and the Coastal Antarctic Ecosystem: Results from the Amundsen Sea Polynya International Research Expedition (ASPIRE) Bio, Abstract
609/28/2015 James Maughan, CH2M HILL, University of Massachusetts Lowell, and US Dept. of Transportation: ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS TO ACHIEVE: ENVIRONMENTAL AND PUBLIC HEALTH PROTECTION; REGULATORY COMPLIANCE; AND A BETTER PROPOSED ACTION Bio, Abstract, presentation: pdf, ppt
710/05/2015 Ryan Carnegie, Virginia Institute of Marine Science: Rise of a Marine Superbug: Understanding the Origins of Perkinsus marinus as the East Coast's Most Significant Oyster Pathogen Bio, Abstract
810/12/2015 No Seminar, Fall Break  
910/19/2015 Dr. Diane Horn from Birkbeck College, University of London: Planning for Sea Level Rise: Lessons from London (Which has been Lucky) Bio, Abstract, presentation
1010/26/2015 Speaker: Sandra Fatorić, North Carolina State University: Living with Climate Change: Participatory Climate Adaptation in the Mediterranean Climate Regions Bio, Abstract
1111/02/2015 Speaker: Johanna Rosman, Institute of Marine Sciences, University of North Carolina: Turbulence in the Coastal Ocean: So Important and Yet So Elusive Bio, Abstract
1211/09/2015 Speaker: Melissa Kenney, University of Maryland, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center and the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites-Maryland: Multidisciplinary Insights to Solve Difficult Environmental Problems. Bio, Abstract
1311/16/2015 Speaker: Robert Condon, University of North Carolina Wilmington: Jellyfish May Not be Increasing Globally Bio, Abstract
1411/23/2015 Speaker: Mike Dinniman, CCPO, ODU: Ocean Modeling of Antarctic Ice Shelves: Why Do We Care and the Tricky Business of Modeling How It Might Change Bio, Abstract
1511/30/2015 Speaker: James Haluska, CCPO, ODU: Using High Temporal Resolution Imagery to Estimate Shoreline Movement Time Series for the Virginia Barrier Islands Bio, Abstract