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NOAA Coastal Climate Adaptation database: The Coastal Climate Adaptation Website is meant to be a community of practice. The resources that are listed are contributed by the members, but can be accessed without registration. The searchable database is classified by region and resource type and continually updated.

Georgetown Climate Adaptation Clearinghouse: This is a resource database and online community that seeks to assist state policymakers, resource managers, academics, and others who are working to help communities adapt to climate change. The database can be searched by keyword, resource type, sector and impact.

Climate Adaptation Knowledge base: CAKE is intended to develop an adaptation community of practice by providing a shared database of case studies, virtual library, member directory, tools and community forums.

ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability Adaptation Database (must be an ICLEI member): ICLEI's advanced Adaptation Database and Planning Tool (ADAPT) walks users through the process of assessing vulnerabilities, setting resiliency goals, and developing plans that integrate into existing hazard and comprehensive planning efforts.

EPA Adaptation Tools for Public Officials: On this website, a number of resources are listed to help public officials and others with climate change adaptation planning. While not comprehensive, key tools are highlighted.

TITAN: TITAN was developed by the City of Norfolk GIS Bureau in the Department of Communications & Technology. It is intended to be used by City of Norfolk employees and citizens as a resource to increase awareness of coastal flooding impacts throughout the City.


IOC Sea Level Monitoring: The sea level monitoring web page of IOC gives access to low-latency tide gauge data for a global network.


IPCC: The main web pages of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is at This page gives comprehensive access to all IPCC documents. The latest assessment report, AR5, can be found at

Climate CoLab: The Climate CoLab is a project of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence in collaboration with many other organizations. In the Climate CoLab, you can work with people from all over the world to create proposals for what to do about climate change.

NOAA's Hurricane Archive.
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT This organizations aims at bringing science and development together through news and analysis. The web page provides a wealth of information on science-related activities in the developing world.

Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future: The Stakeholder Forum is an international organisation working to advance sustainable development and promote democracy at a global level. The aims are to enhance open, accountable and participatory international decision-making on sustainable development through enhancing the involvement of stakeholders in intergovernmental processes.