Summer 2018: Internship in Conservation Leadsership

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Internship in Conservation Leadership

Course: IDS 369 (three credits)
CRN: 35874
Course title: Internship in Conservation Leadership
Instructors: Dr Eddie Hill, Dr. Hans-Peter Plag
Term: Summer 2018 (season 2)
Time: Tba
Location: Tba

Internship Forms and Templates

  • Application: This application form is used to submit an initial request for an internship placement. This form should be submitted well in advance of the class.
  • Weekly Report: This template should be used for the mandatory weekly reports. Weekly reports are due on each Friday during the internship period.
  • Internship Summary Template: Template for a one-page promotion summary of the internship project and the resulting recommendations in a wording for non-experts
  • Short reflection story: there is no template for the reflection story. It shouls be short (max. two pages) and reflect on the personal experience of the internship and the value this experience has for you.
  • Slide Presentation: Template for the presentation of the researech project.
  • Video Tips: Tips for creating the video illustrating the research project.
  • Evaluations: This form should be used by project leads at the host institution to provide an evaluation of the intern's work during the internship.