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In support of the development of the Mitigation and Adaptation Research Institute, MARI, the proposal writing team developed a survey to elicit stakeholder comment. The survey was conducted using the internet-based survey tool, Qualtrics, hosted by Old Dominion University and was available from February 26 to March 21, 2014

The invitation to take the survey was distributed to approximately 550 stakeholders who were identified through their participation in previous climate change adaptation events, local government contacts and email lists. Recipients were asked to invite interested colleagues or other contacts to participate in the survey by forwarding the solicitation email. One hundred and eleven responses were received. Most people spent approximately seven minutes on the survey.

About a quarter of the respondents were from academia and a third were from federal, state or local government. About 15 percent were from for profit businesses, while 19 percent were from a non-governmental organization. The respondents were active in many different governance activities, most prominently policy, planning, research and education. The stakeholders who responded were generally knowledgeable about climate change and sea level rise mitigation and adaptation.

The findings of the stakeholder survey will be used to shape the plan of MARI going forward. A summary report with graphical presentation of the results is available as web page and pdf file.

As key findings, we note here that:

  • A majority of stakeholders responding believe climate change and sea level rise are very urgent or extremely urgent issues.
  • Stakeholders agree or strongly agree that flooding, physical infrastructure, emergency management, preparedness and regional coordination should be addressed by MARI.
  • Most respondents had some familiarity with CCSLRI and were satisfied with the work that has been done so far. About 2/3 of respondents expected to be involved with MARI, while another 1/3 was unsure about their level of future involvement.


Result Reports

A summary report with graphical presentation of the results is available as web page and pdf file.

The Stakeholder comments are available separately here ...

The complete results are available as a report generated by the internet-based survey tool, Qualtrics. Down-load the pdf file ...

Initial Invitation Letter

Dear Colleagues,

Over the last three years, the Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Initiative (CCSLRI) at Old Dominion University (ODU) has been interacting with regional stakeholders who are concerned with the impacts of climate change and sea level rise in Hampton Roads and beyond. The mission of the CCSLRI has been to support these stakeholders in addressing the mounting problems in this region caused by increasingly frequent flooding and the mounting threats of extreme events. We are now taking the CCSLRI to the next level and are in the process of establishing the Mitigation and Adaptation Research Institute (MARI) at ODU.

The focus of MARI will be on the creation of practice-relevant and solution-oriented knowledge together with the stakeholders who need this knowledge. To achieve this, MARI will facilitate, initiate and carry out holistic, integrated projects with the participation of all academic disciplines and in cooperation with those who can put this knowledge into practice. The co-design and co-creation of the practice-relevant scientific knowledge needed to address the challenge of climate change and sea level rise will be central to MARI. You can find more information on MARI at

We would like to get your early feedback on MARI. Please, complete the survey at With this survey we aim to get information on your thoughts about MARI and its potential value for you and your organization. We will use the results of the survey to review the proposed mission, governance and organization of MARI, and to further develop the research, education, and outreach plans. Of particular interest are comments from external stakeholders on how well MARI will serve their needs and what we could do to improve the linkage between MARI and its stakeholder to ensure that the knowledge created is relevant to the sea-level rise challenge we are facing.

Please, help us by distributing this invitations to your colleagues who might be interested in MARI. We will keep the survey open until March 14, 2014. On average, the survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.

We thank you in anticipation of your valuable input for taking the time to participate in the survey.

Best regards,

Hans-Peter Plag
Co-Director, Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Initiative (CCSLRI)