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MARI is guided by knowledge needs of societal agents. MARI's research agenda is co-designed with those who can make use of the knowledge and turn it into wisdom. MARI creates knowledge not for, but rather with social agents. Finally, MARI engages in the societal use of knowledge and support stakeholders in the application of knowledge for solutions. Here we provide facilities for the co-design of our research agenda, the co-creation of knowlegde, and the tgransdisciplinary approach required to cope with wicked problems.

Our Participatory Modeling Portal will provide the main facilities for the linkage between social agents and MARI.

Outreach material, including topical leaflets, educational videos, reports, and general information material is made available in the Outreach.

Meetings or other events organized by, or directly relevant to, MARI are documented on the Workshops Page of the MARI web site. Selected other local or regional events that have relevance to climate change mitigation and adaptation are documented in the Events repository.

Links to programs and relevant activities by social agents and experts are available here.