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Design of a Movable Gate Structure on the Elizabeth River for Flood Damage Mitigation in Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake

When:Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Time:1:30- 3:30 pm
Where:World Trade Center — West Wing, VPA, 6th Floor Board Room, 101 West Main St. Norfolk.
Contact:Dr. Dave Basco (dbasco at if you have further questions

One senior, Civil Engineering student design project for the Spring, 2014 semester at Old Dominion University has been to design a flood damage mitigation structure with movable gates on the Elizabeth River for Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake, Virginia. The study has reviewed many similar structures in Europe and developed a unique approach that combines two types for a site between the Naval Base and Craney Island as shown below. The main advantage of a movable gate structure is that it does not interrupt the daily tidal cycle to impact the water quality and ecology of the estuary and will not impact navigation in the river. The structure location will mitigate coastal flooding along ALL shorelines of the Lafayette River and the Western, Southern and Eastern branches of the Elizabeth River below the site. It has been designed for today’s flooding conditions. The potential for accelerated sea level rise in the future to increase flooding risk has been taken into account. A realistic cost estimate will be included that is based on actual costs of movable gate structures in Europe.

Our students have enjoyed working on this project. You are invited to come and hear their presentation and ask questions about their work.