MARI Activity Reports

MARI Mission Statement

Our Mission: To convene societal agents and faculty to inform and facilitate transformations towards sustainability and in preparation of deep adaptation and to further our understanding of the challenges posed by recent rapid changes, including land use changes, biodiversity loss and extinction, climate change and sea level rise, and the impacts on the Earth's life support system; to characterize the vulnerability of human communities to these impacts; to develop foresight for the range of possible futures we might be exposed to; to create the practice-relevant and applicable knowledge that could inform societal decisions for mitigation and adaptation; and to develop options for the fundamental systemic transformations that are needed to address these challenges. To achieve this mission, MARI facilitates the co-design of a research agenda that focuses on the fundamental causes and consequences of the current system trajectory, and adaptation options for a range of possible futures, co-develops an education and training program that prepares the current and future workforce for coping with the challenges in all sectors of society, and moderates deliberations in participatory modeling efforts with stakeholder aiming at developing societally viable long-term sustainable adaptation option.