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Decisions, Biases and the Creation of Knowledge

Course title: Decisions, Biases and the Creation of Knowledge
CRNs: IDS 495: 35700; ENGL 495: 35704, ENGL 595: 35708; OEAS 495: 35691, OEAS 595: 35696
Credits: 3
Course type: On campus
Instructors: Dr. Hans-Peter Plag, Michelle Heart
Listing Departments: IDS 495, ENGL 495/595, OEAS 495/595 Advanced/Special Topics
Term: Summer 2016, Session 2; Mondays and Wednesdays 17:15 - 21:00; Location: BAL 2067
Contact Information: hpplag at; mheart at


Students with Special Needs

If you have a disability, please see a counselor at Disabilities Services at 1525 Webb Center, 683-4655 so that I can be notified of what accommodations are appropriate for you. Please submit a letter of accommodation if you already have one.

Late Assignments

Late papers will normally not be accepted. In case of emergenies, prior notice of teaching faculty is required when turning in late assignments.


There will be three assignments to write essays. Each will be 25% of the grade. The weekly reading assignments and participation in the deliberations in the class, including the answering of reading-related questions will make up the remaining 25% of the overall grade.

The main benefit of the class results from participating in, and contributing to the deliberations in the class. This requires presence in the classes. However, we are aware that sometimes this is not always possible. Considering the importance of the classes, an absence from more than four classes cannot be considered as a pass.