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WP 1. Conservation Curriculum and Certificates

Work with FWS to establish criteria and requirements for conservation-related undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education certificates, including leadership certificates, with a strong focus on required job qualifications for conservation and environmental fields as part of the federal work force and international development agencies. Assess the feasibility and value-added of an undergraduate minor in conservation. Ensure that the minor and certificates have a focus on adaptive leadership. Particularly for the continuing education leadership certificate, consider a combination of on-line teaching and a 2-day workshop at the National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Have a strong focus on aspects that support the development of leadership for conservation work under climate change. Based on pre- and post-program surveys and interviews, assess the value-added of certificates for practitioners and leaders engaged in conservation and environmental work. Review ODU's undergraduate and graduate curricula related to conservation theory, field methods, and the human dimension of conservation, with particular focus on the coverage of climate change and sea level rise impacts on conservation and on biodiversity in general and identify those elements that are of particular interest in meeting the requirements for the certificates, such as ODU’s current Learning Community in Environmental Stewardship. Develop a coherent concept and curriculum for the undergraduate minor and graduate and continuing education certificates and identify the courses that can be integrated or adapted for these certificates. Specify qualification criteria for students aiming to participate in the certificate programs.