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Seminar Series - Spring 2014: Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies of Civil/Coastal Engineers for Future Sea Level Rise

April 25, 2014, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM: European Union Perspective on Adaptation and Mitigating Sea Level Rise Impacts

Marcel Stive

Professor Stive has more than 35-years experience in research and projects in the fields of hydraulic engineering, coastal morphodynamics, coastal biogeomorphology and coastal and estuarine management, as team member, as team leader and as advisor. His record involves coasts, estuaries, harbors and offshore projects in several countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, using fieldwork and experimental physical and mathematical physical models. He was and is involved in several projects sponsored by the science and technology programs of the EU, of two of which he was overall cocoordinator. Moreover, he spent two years as visiting professor on the Universitat Polytecnica de Catalunya, and was part-time professor Coastal Morphodynamics at Delft University of Technology from 1994 to 2000. In 2001 he accepted the fulltime chair of Coastal Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of Delft University of Technology. He was a member of the 2nd Dutch Delta Committee advising the government on a National Water Policy. His current long-term responsibilities involve the development of a Delft University of Technology Research Centre Water and the development of an InterAcademy Council project to produce a high-level policymaker oriented report on global water issues. He is a member of various national and international committees advising governments and policymakers on water related issues. He has written many publications (Hirsch-factor 22 for ISI journal publications) on a variety of topics, ranging from geology to hydraulic engineering and coastal zone management and holds an ERC Advanced Researchers Grant NEMO on long term large scale coastal evolution. In 2012 he received an Honorary Doctorate from Lund University, Sweden. In 2013, he was knighted in the Order of the Dutch Lion.