Question Set 2

You can answer most of the questions for this week based on the readings for class 2.

  1. How is the Anthropocene defined in literature? What are the main characteristics of the Anthropocene?
  2. What, in your assessment, are the key drivers for the changes during the last 200 years and, in particular, the last 70 year?
  3. What are the two global boundaries of the “safe operating space for humanity” (SOSH) that humanity has already crossed and what are potential consequences of crossing these boundaries?
  4. GRAD: Do the definitions of the Anthropocene capture the main differences between this new "epoch" and other geological epochs?

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Please, submit the answers by e-mail to the two instructors. Note that your answers to the questions should be concise and in a scientific writing style. Please, include your name at the top and the questions before each answer. The answers have to cite the sources consulted in writing the answer and a list of references. Citations and Reference have to follow the documentation style defined by the Council of Scientific Editors, known as the CSE style. See SSF-Guide or the WISC page for more information on the CSE style. Examples of correct references can be found here.

Questions marked with "GRAD" are to be answered only by students in the 500-level class.