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Committee Meeting

1st Meeting, May 9, 2016, 4:00 PM, CCPO Conference Room

Draft Agenda

  1. Welcome and Discussion of Agenda
  2. Scope and Tasks of the Steering Committee
  3. Steering Committee Chair
  4. MARI report
  5. MARI vision and mission
  6. Requests from the Steering Committee to MARI
  7. Future Steering Committee meetings
  8. Any Other Business
  9. Summary of Action Items

Scope, Membership and Tasks of the MARI Steering Committee

The MARI Steering Committee oversees the development of MARI as an interdisciplinary institute focused on teaching, research, and outreach related to the broad field of adaptation to, and mitigation of, global and climate change and its impacts.

The Steering Committee has representation of relevant ODU bodies. It determines mission and objectives of MARI and approves outcome-related targets and metrics proposed by MARI. It endorses the research and business plans of MARI, monitors it work and finances, and recommends appropriation of resources for MARI.

MARI uses resources allocated by the university and solicited from external sources to carry out the activities and generate outcomes. MARI also monitors activities, outcomes and impacts. The result of the monitoring is made available to the Steering Committee on a regular basis. On request from the Steering Committee, an external evaluation compares outcomes and impacts to the metrics and targets approved by the Steering Committee and prepares an assessment report.

Current Steering Committee Members

  • Muge Akpinar-Elci, College of Health Science
  • David C. Earnest, College of Arts and Letters
  • Karen E. Eck, Office of Research
  • Michael K. McShane, Strome College of Business
  • Brian K. Payne, Academic Affairs
  • Ceasar A. Pinto, Batten College of Engineering and Technology